MM Training Center
Training for our Future

We continue our contribution in our society as we force ourselves to carry the responsibility towards the startups lawyers and the new generation of students around Egypt. We take pride in helping them achieve their goals and engage more in the law society, plus giving them all academic courses given by high level law professionals.

Internal Training Programs

MM Training center is a qualified employee training to develop each employee personality and encourage our employees to continually develop themselves. Professional Law academic programs and modern models in local and international courts.
Training our employees can bring lots of benefits to MM Law Firm.

External Programs

We organize many programs for lawyers and for law students to enhance the Egyptian market with powerful manpower to keep pace with increasing rapidly international market competitors.

MM training Center main objectives:
1. Increase productivity
2. Reduce employee turnover in your company
3. Increase ability to employ new technologies
4. Maintain employee credentials/certifications
5. Help employees meet new responsibilities
6. Increase job satisfaction, morale and motivation among employees
7. Enhance your company / yourself image, e.g. conducting diversity training
10. Improve risk management
11. Keep pace with international demands
12. Increase the professional level of egyptian lawyers

To reserve your seat in our upcoming course or for courses details,
please Reserve your legal training seat  or send us to