China Trade exhibition in Egypt 2016

chines business in egypt

China market is the biggest in trading exhibition in middle east. We were there and the exhibition was very successful gaining new investments to Egypt. Gladly the market is going to raise again especially after the movements from the central bank.

LEGAL JOB FAIR 2016 Ain Shams


We gladly announce that we sponsored the legal fair in Ain Shams university this year to support the new legal generation in their future. This year we have received a large number of resumes. We plan to invite students to our summer internship in MM training Center.


We only have one planet, We should and must take a care of it, there’s no other option. In an effort to promote environmental healthy for all of us, MM Law Firm has launched the Go Green program. it’s a comprehensive effort designed to establish and promote a green ethic and behaviour by raising awareness about our Earth environment issue throughout the organization. We train our people to wasting less, recycling more.