At MM Law firm, we believe that our ability to function at the very highest ‎level of our profession is significantly enhanced by building a team of ‎lawyers who bring us the benefits of a broad range of socioeconomic, ‎racial, ethnic and personal

backgrounds. ‎

‎Our commitment to diversity is reflected not only in the firm’s policies, ‎programs and committees, but also through our efforts to build and maintain ‎a culture that values and gathers strength from difference. ‎

Considered one of the largest law firms in Egypt, we deal with international ‎organizations throughout the globe. ‎

Our people reflect the diversity of our clients and the several communities ‎and markets where we work. Our international diversity and Inclusion ‎Advisory Council provides a source of co-ordinated and consistent leadership ‎to establish and advocate diversity and inclusion best practice across the ‎firm internationally.