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Head of Marketing Department


She holds a Bachelor degree from Cairo university
A Malaysian studies from Faculty of Economics and Political Science (MERNA FEPS).
Business Diploma from Harvard university in America

Our Legal Marketing Manager, working with passion and professional, A highly efficient, innovative and methodical marketing manager with extensive experience. Responsible for all corporate marketing, researching and planning campaigns, including the delivery and results for a key strategic initiatives and understand the ongoing market scenario and clients trends using exceptional marketing communication skills.

Recognized as multi-level executive manager consistently delivering results that exceed everyone expectations. Characterized as growth catalyst, multi-faceted leader, and hands-on manager with rich career history marked in UAE by explosive sales growth, successful new product launches, and innovative acquisition strategies. Available for relocation.

Armed with patience, great communication skills and a knack for organization and a special marketing idea for the large Hispanic community and first time buyers
all lead to one word… success.

With over 12 years of experience in Marketing Management, Rania M. Abdel Nasser now looking forward to a making a significant contribution to MM Law Firm.

A Legal Marketing Manager with the international law firm since 2015