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She holds an LLB degree from Ain shams university
a member of Egyptian Bar Association.

Known as the dynamic factor of the firm, with long counseling experience for the firm. She is the heart of the team work which makes our success sustainable. She always used to say “Success is obtained by working as one team”. Ms. Ola keeping the social responsibilities at her shoulders to connect our firm with the society.

Mrs. Mostafa graduated from faculty of law, Ain Shams University and obtained LLM in International Commercial Law.


-Mrs. Mostafa has 20 years of experience as a corporate Associate.

-Now,she is working for MM Law Firm as Head of the Corporate Department.

-she worked as a legal Instructor at Ain Shams and Helwan university.

-Mrs. Mostafa has many articles and legal researches related to Investment law.

Mrs. Ola has released her new book Alwafi in corporate law with Dr. Mahmoud Mostafa.  

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