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  • LLM degree in International commercial law from Ain Shams university
  • PhD (with first-class Honors) in civil law and his thesis about financial leasing from Cairo University.

Dr. Mahmoud Mostafa achieved his LL.B. at the Faculty of Law of Cairo University, in 1993. He obtained a diploma in international commercial law in 2007,  and then a second Diploma in private law from the Faculty of Law Ain Shams, in 2008.

Dr.Mahmoud Mostafa has more than 30 years of extensive experience in the legal field.

As the founding member of the firm, he has handled cases before courts of all degrees and has also represented a great number of clients in all types of arbitration cases. Dr. Mahmoud is an expert in the preparation of the applications of arbitration, writs of cases, appeals, and pleadings and in carrying out all the procedures for the execution of judgments including both local as well as foreign judgments.

He provides legal services to a wide range of corporate and institutional clients. In his private practice, Dr. Mahmoud has counseled and negotiated on behalf of local and multinational client’s major business transactions and projects. As a litigator, he represents clients before all tiers of courts in Egypt up to the court of cessation and the supreme constitutional court and he has also handled drafting thousands of contracts.

He is a specialist in financial and commercial transactions and has negotiated, drafted, and concluded all the major contracts required by some of the most important joint venture businesses in Egypt as well as being involved in a major restructuring of companies, M&A transactions.

Dr. Mahmoud has been recognized in The Best Lawyers in Egypt 2017 by CLB Magazine.

Dr. Mahmoud has released his new book Alwafi in corporate law. 

He is a member of the International Bar Association, the Arab Bar Association, and the Egyptian Bar Association.