Our experienced Oil and Gas attorneys offer clients a sector of deeply knowledge and ultimate understanding in their commercial needs of the on- and off-shore industries and the legal jurisdictions they encounter throughout the world. Our attorneys advise a range of corporations, firms and provide services for international and local market leaders and start-up companies alike. We gain our international perspective through long experience with working in a wide variety of legal and issues jurisdictions. We offer creative, comprehensive, and effective legal and tax solutions to invest in the oil & gas sectors to help you achieve efficient and innovative solutions to your legal, regulatory and structural challenges in the sectors.

With the Open Door Policy that opened Egypt to the world in the early 1970’s, giving great impetus to private and foreign investments, MM became more involved in catering to the interests of private investors and governmental authorities. Over the past decades, we have successfully built our oil and gas department to create a professional team of highly-skilled attorneys with exceptional industry insight and in-depth full & up to date knowledge of sector trends and developments, both locally and internationally.

Providing legal advice to major investors in the oil and gas and petrochemicals sectors, MM has built extensive expertise and long experience in the upstream and downstream oil and gas sectors.

Our gas & Oil lawyers have long experience handling complex litigation in global scale involving energy issues before trial and appellate courts and also through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms internationally. They have regularly assists our international clients in negotiating and drafting concession agreements, off-take agreements, gas supply agreements as well as other related agreements with governmental agencies.

Oil & Gas market is global, with many deals crossing borders. MM Can leverage a truly local network and deliver an absolutely seamless service across Egypt and Middle East. Our full-service mining and resources attorneys advise you in all key regions.